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2021 is here and what a significant year that may be. Covid 19 appeared just over a year ago and mental health changed drastically. Some of us lost our loved ones. Some of us lost our jobs. Some of us lost any control of life we thought we had. 

I have supported people for the last ten years in mental health, working with individuals and couples to find new ways to explore their inner world. Sometimes that's the things in life that you don't feel you can talk about with anyone, even those closest to you. Maybe you feel stuck in your job or disconnected from the world around you. My goal is to help you re-empower your life and to explore the issues that might be holding you back.  Counselling and Psychotherapy can support you as you begin on the road to understand what you truly feel inside and what you really want from your future.

To do this I offer affordable therapy over multiple platforms. This begins with a free Informal consultation, so we can meet and you can see if I am someone you would like to work with. I also offer flexible appointments throughout the week. I have seen the positive effects that just one session a week can give, so contact me Today to get started.

*Coronavirus update: I am open for face to face support with health procedure's in place throughout this difficult time, please contact me for further information.


Why might you want to begin therapy?

Mental health has had a stigma attached to it for as long as i can remember. "It's your brain! why cant you sort your own head out!?" I would hear people say.

But this is changing. In recent years Prince Harry and Prince William, sports personalities and film stars not to mention the millions of people around the world that take antidepressants, have sought out counselling to support them in difficult times. More and more influential people are coming forward and talking about the enormous effect Counselling and Psychotherapy has had on turning their lives around. People now talk about their therapist like they are a positive topic of conversation, not a secret. There can be pride in the journey of understanding the things that hold us back and overcoming them. Counselling is for anyone that seeks to begin a journey of self discovery and wants to bring happiness back into their life, now and in the future. Personal Therapy can help with so many issues, such as :

  • Are you finding it hard to form relationships or keep them?

  • Are you having issues in your relationship and seek couples counselling?

  • Are you dealing with the loss of someone or something?

  • Are you feeling depressed or anxious and can't imagine a life free of it?

  • Do you feel disconnected from the world around you?

  • Do you see a future you want but cant seem to make it a reality?

Everything begins with a first step. I am here to offer professional support and a safe confidential space to share your thoughts and emotions as we walk this path Together.


Counselling support to help you build a brighter future

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Who Am i?

My name is Daniel Welsh and I am a BACP registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist with a degree in counselling and an accredited Diploma in integrated Psychotherapy. I have also worked within broad spectrum Counselling, drug rehabilitation and Samaritans services within the Lancaster and Preston area. It is through these years of experience and my on going training that has given me a broad insight into the many schools of thought concerning mental health  such as cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic, person-centred and art therapy. I use an integrative method that incorporates all of these processes and adapts to what is needed at different points in the therapeutic journey with each individual person i work with.

But behind all of my qualifications and experience i am, in essence, a human being just like you with the scars that life gives us. I understand how it feels to carry the weight of the choices we make in life and the burden that sometimes comes from living with them. I appreciate how important it can be to have someone to support us when we go through these times. I believe therapy can be a process of growth and self-discovery and an opportunity to say the things you may never have had the chance to say before out loud. I believe within each of us we have the tools to heal any trauma or weight we carry but sometimes the hardest decision is to recognise we need help. I hope i can be that help to you. So if you feel a connection to anything you have just read please contact me and let's take the next step together.

My goal as a practitioner has always been to offer affordable and reliable Counselling support, with adaptable bookings available Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm. This is my goal because i appreciate the long wait people may have to deal with on the NHS and the sometimes high costs involved in the private sector for long term therapy.

Counselling and Psychotherapy options:

Free consultation (An informal chance to meet and discuss your needs that lasts 50 Minutes)

£40 per session on premises (50 Minutes)

£40 Skype session (50 Minutes)

£40 Phone session (50 Minutes)

£45 Home visit (within the Preston area)

£60 Relationship Therapy (couples Counselling)

What do i do next?

You are the one in control in this process. Beginning therapy starts by allowing me to provide a safe place and support as you start to explore the things that may be causing your life to feel out of balance.

I am here when you are ready to begin. Just pick up the phone, text, write me an email or visit me on Facebook and leave your name and contact number and i will reply as soon as possible to arrange your free consultation (Contact information is kept confidential throughout).

*Home visits are based on clients residing within the Preston area and must have a quiet and secure area to facilitate the session.

**Appointments based on availability

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My Clients’ Reviews


Here are some reviews, Previous clients and some I still work with today have sent in to describe their experience of therapy with me. These reviews are copied word for word and not altered in any way.

Thank You All, it was truly an honour to work with you.


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